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In Home Care Provider Arrested, Accused of Stealing from Elderly Clients

May 25, 2016

A California woman has been arrested and faces charges of elder abuse and identity theft. The case began back in July of 2015 when investigators began looking into a report that an 82 year old individual had been abused financially for a large sum of money. Before the abuse, the victim’s son had posted an ad looking for a caregiver for this individual.

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Illinois House Passes Wage Increase Bill for Home Health Care Workers

May 24, 2016

Illinois has been the center of numerous fights with regard to minimum wage, home health care, and other factors in recent months and while these battles seem to continue on, the Illinois House approved a bill that would effectively raise the minimum wage of home health care workers from $13 per hour to $15.

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Home Health Care in Rhode Island to Be Impacted By New Record System

May 24, 2016

For seniors and disabled adults, receiving in home care can be essential for not only safety, but also for their welfare and quality of life. Many men and women across the U.S. rely on home health care and other in home care services, and a new system that’s being implemented in Rhode Islands could, according to some, impact the level of care these people receive.

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Home Health Care Agency Opens in Boca Raton, Florida

May 20, 2016

Florida is often thought of as the prime retirement or vacation destination for seniors. One of the key reasons for that has to do with the warm weather, especially during winter. Certain parts of the state are also considered laid back, Boca Raton being one of the them.

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Atlanta In-Home Caregiver Arrested on Drug Charges at Patient’s Home

May 19, 2016

A man was hired to be a live-in caregiver for a 72 year old gentleman who was wheelchair bound and required direct assistance getting into and out of the house as well as with other tasks. James Menefee was hired to provide that level of support and assistance, but after repeated attempts by the senior’s brother to remove him from the home, Mr. Menefee was arrested on charges of elder exploitation.

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Americans Are Vastly Underestimating Long-Term Home Care Costs

May 18, 2016

While it’s no surprise that home care is one of the most affordable options for seniors and disabled adults, there is a major discrepancy between what people know about it and what they think they know. In fact, according to a Genworth 2016 Cost of Care Study, it was determined that most Americans underestimate the cost of long-term in home care by nearly 50 percent.

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California In-Home Care Providers Rally for Medical Insurance Coverage

May 17, 2016

California recently passed a resolution mandating a minimum wage for all workers of $15 per hour. Consistently leading the country in minimum wage requirements, California has also taken strides through the years to help improve quality of life for the working class individuals, including home care providers.

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The Impact Slow or Missed Payments Have On In-Home Care

May 16, 2016

It’s tough enough having to deal with the stress and rigors of a difficult job with low pay, but to them keep waiting week after week and in some cases month after month for payment, it’s like adding insult to the proverbial injury. Yet that seems to be what’s been happening for hundreds of in home care workers all across the State of California recently, and they’ve been paying a stiff price for it.

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How the Long-Term Nursing Crisis Could Impact Home Care

May 13, 2016

It’s been no secret for a long time that nursing home care has been viewed in the U.S. as poor, even under the best circumstances. This perception may very well be one of the primary reasons why more seniors today are focused on remaining home, even when they have certain health and physical challenges that grow more significant with age.

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