New Case of Alzheimer’s Disease Every 4 Seconds- Cases will Triple by 2050.

alzheimers disease affect on brain matter

Alzheimer's disease. Sliced sections from two brains. On the left is a normal brain of a 70-year-old. On the right is the brain of a 70-year-old with Alzheimer's disease. The right brain is atrophied with a loss of cortex and white matter. Alzheimer's disease is a dementing disorder marked by certain brain changes regardless of the age of onset. It is not a normal part of aging. It is a dementing disorder that leads to the loss of mental and physical functions. The chance of developing Alzheimer's increases with age.

Interesting and startling statistics about Alzheimer’s Disease, and shows us the importance of home care in the future, as well as the importance of a cure for this devastating disease. Below is an excerpt, the rest can be found at the link below.

Today the World Health Organization released a downbeat report on dementia that says there is a new case every four seconds somewhere in the world, and that predicts the number of cases worldwide will roughly triple by 2050 (PDF). There is a fatalistic tone to the document, in that it focuses on coping with the disease rather than preventing it. The WHO recommends early diagnosis; raising public awareness and reducing stigma; and providing better care as well as more support to caregivers.

The closest the report comes to calling for a cure is near the end. In the leaden language of international bureaucrats, the report says, “A balance must be struck between research into treatment, care and cure on the one hand and pharmacological and psychosocial intervention approaches on the other.”

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