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hometeamLocated in New York, Hometeam is a startup involved in taking care of the elderly in the society at home. The startup was founded in 2013 by Josh Bruno who used to be an investor at Brain Ventures. He got major support from an $11 million funding by Lux Capital, IA Ventures and Recruit Strategic Partners. Today it celebrates being opened to the public after two years of quiet operations.

Bruno the founder has been quoted saying that, caring for senior adults is  shouldn’t be  a massive problem in our country,  he also adds on by saying, “There are 55 million adults taking care of their own elderly parents, and 2.3 million professional caregivers.” And true to his determination to ensure quality care is given to the elderly , the startup has undertaken the initiative of putting over 250 aiders to take care of the senior citizens in hundreds of homes across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Why undergo the stress of taking care of the eldery at home yet they can just be taken to nursing homes?
Well Bruno is quoted saying that survey shows 92 percent of adults prefer staying in their homes rather being in a nursing home. The idea of hiring a home aider becomes a legitimate alternative since most families are not well equipped to take care of a senior relative with family members being caught up in other daily activities too.
He also says that there are many agencies capable of matching one with a caregiver but if not at home, one can’t really tell what is happening.
Hometeam offers unique services in that it offers ipads in their homes with an application that aiders uses to communicate with the families be it in picture, text forms or medical updates. Technological application to senior care isn’t as complex as it seems, Honor is an in-home care application started a few months ago by former Googler Seth Sternberg with $20 million in funds. It has a similar narrative.
Hometeam has also employed a team of nurses whose job is to check on the patients from time to time in order to ensure proper management of their medical conditions. This way, the startup ensures that the their health care is handled professionally.
Bruno the Hometeam founder says that the startup has managed to offer more unique services making it stand out from others by employing the most qualified aiders in the field. It also provides a highly personalized level of care. The caregivers are required to know more about the activities the patients are  passionate about. They are then given a budget to ensure the activities are being undertaken. This proves to be quite challenging when a person movements is limited .
He also says that since many seniors love working with flower gardens, putting flower box in the window is a great alternative. He also adds on to say. “We’re going on trips to the botanical garden, walking to the park, and doing gardening classes.”
With quite a promising future, Hometeam has the intentions of opening 15 new offices, two being in California within the next year.




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