The Transforming Power of Mobile Technology for the Home Care Industry

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The Baby Boomer generation is hitting their retirement age and some of them were on the leading edge of technology as it was being developed. Some of these Baby Boomers were actually the ones who built the first computers, saw the innovation of personal computers, and eventually helped build the empire that is modern technology and the Internet.

It only stands to reason that this same generation should be able to take advantage of mobile technology when they require some type of in home care. More and more seniors prefer to remain in the comfort of their home, even when they begin having difficulty tending to their own basic care. This is where home care plays an integral role in providing support and assistance.

Mobile technology is also proving to be instrumental in helping seniors and their home care aides maintain a higher quality of life. They allow home health care providers, including visiting nurses, and aides the opportunity to connect with one another, share information, and even keep doctors in the loop. They also allow seniors the opportunity to stay connected to loved ones more easily and efficiently.

Jasmine Pennic notes in the article, How Mobile Devices Are Transforming Home Healthcare, published by HIT Consultant:

“Mobile devices are both hand held computers and telephones, allowing for owners to make a phone call and use it to document patient notes. They are portable, lightweight and often times have larger screens and buttons to make it easier to view images or read documents and input data. Most mobile devices are also now touch screens or equipped with digital pens for convenient note taking. They are battery charged, which means they don’t have to be plugged in to be used. Designed properly, mobile devices and wearables can be easy for seniors or fragile patients to read, use or wear.”

Other mobile based technologies can help seniors stay safer within the comfort of their home by relying on wearable devices. These devices can monitor and track vital statistics, including heart rate, blood pressure, and more, and they can also provide the senior the opportunity to call for help if it’s needed.

Now only does mobile technology help keep seniors safer within the comfort of their homes, but it also reduces the need for doctors’ visits, which helps promote a healthier mental frame of mind and reduces the cost of medical care for this aging population. Mobile technology will continue to be a growing component of in-home care in the years to come.

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