Home Care Assistance Announces Partnership with Maria Shriver’s Non-Profit, A Woman’s Nation

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The value of physical fitness and staying in good shape cannot be understated, and when it comes to seniors and other individuals who may require some form of assistance at home, it is just as important. There have been numerous organizations throughout the country and around the world that have extolled these virtues to the general public, and Move for Minds™ is going to help bring the message to a new group of individuals.

Move for Minds™ is an event that will take place on May 21st, 2016 and it’s the development of a strong partnership between Maria Shriver’s non-profit organization, A Woman’s Nation and Equinox Sports Clubs. Now, Home Care Assistance has now been chosen to be the exclusive partner for A Woman’s Nation.

They join this partnership at an important time with regard to highlighting the importance of staying fit, not just physically but also mentally, and how that can benefit the brain, memory, and quality of life, especially for an aging population.

In their newsletter release, Home Care Assistance Partners with Maria Shriver’s Move for Minds Event as National Caregiving Partner, Home Care Assistance stated:

“Home Care Assistance is proud to support the event as the exclusive Caregiving Partner to help educate attendees on issues surrounding caregivers and the importance of physical activity and its impact on women’s brain health. These events will also bring attention to, and raising funds for, a very important cause that disproportionately affects women: Alzheimer’s disease.”

In the United States and around the world, the Baby Boomer generation (those men and women born just after World War II and through a portion of the 1960s) are now reaching retirement age and that means there will be an increased demand for quality care for this aging population.

It also means there needs to be more information available to these men and women with regard to the importance of exercising, staying in peak condition, and getting the right mental stimulation. The goal of Move for Minds™, which will be the largest cross-country event of its kind, is to bring more awareness to women’s brain health. All of the proceeds from this event will go toward women’s brain research initiatives, which can aid in Alzheimer’s research and other neurological research focused on helping find a cure for numerous brain related diseases and disorders.

Home Care Assistance steps up as a valued partner for A Woman’s Nation and this Move for Minds™ event.

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