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Home Care Jobs: Mountain View/Bay Area California

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Home Care Jobs: Mountain View/Bay Area California

Caregiver/Companion Job Description

The Caregiver/Companion provides non-medical companionship for the maintenance of a safe and clean residential environment, supervising and feeding clients who by reason of advanced age, physical disability, or mental deficiency need supervision. The Caregiver/Companion performs companionship activities, meal preparation, and limited light housekeeping tasks for clients in their residences. The Caregiver/Companion also assists clients with other activities that are related to the clients’ independent living and which cannot be performed by the clients alone due to health and or age limitations. These activities include bathing, dressing, feeding, exercising, personal hygiene and grooming, transferring, ambulating, positioning, toileting and incontinence care, assisting with medication that the client self-administers, meal planning and preparation, laundry, transportation, correspondence, making telephone calls, and shopping for personal care or groceries.

A Caregiver/Companion working in a client’s private home serves as a Personal Attendant under California Wage Order 15. When working in a client’s private home, the Caregiver/Companion will spend at least 80% of his or her time supervising and feeding the client, and will spend less than 20% of his or her time on work other than the supervision and feeding of the client. Additionally, when working in a client’s private home, the Caregiver/Companion (1) will not act as a nurse; (2) will not perform intrusive medical procedures; and (3) will not administer medication. Further, a certified nursing assistant (“CNA”) or certified home health aide (“CHHA”) employed as a Caregiver/Companion may only provide non-medical companionship care, and may not use his or her CNA or CHHA title, act as a CNA or CHHA, or perform CNA or CHHA duties as a Caregiver/Companion.

A Caregiver/Companion must not provide any medical, nursing or skilled services to clients. Regardless of whether the Caregiver/Companion is a nurse, CNA or CHHA, a Caregiver/Companion has no responsibility to and should not diagnose or treat a client’s illnesses, injuries or changes in medical condition.

If the working conditions described above are not followed during any shift, the employee must notify Company immediately.

Additionally, when such activities are related to the independent living of a client and cannot be performed by the client alone due to health and or age limitations, the Caregiver/Companion also may perform the following duties and responsibilities for the client only (and not for any other individuals at the residence) consistent with the Job Summary:

Essential Functions

Adheres to Company policies and procedures.
Performs work under the supervision of the Staffing Coordinator/Operations Manager.
Performs homemaking activities contained in the Client Home Record which may include but are not limited to vacuuming, dusting, sweeping or mopping floors, doing dishes, changing bed linens, laundry, and cleaning bathrooms. However during each work shift, the Caregiver/Companion must spend less than 20% of his or her time on general household work. Prepares meals and snacks for client according to client/family and supervisor’s instructions. May perform grocery shopping, if prearranged with the office.
Provides companionship for the client including accompanying client on walks, trips to social/recreational activities, assistance with hobbies, etc.
The homemaker is responsible for written documentation of service provided.
The homemaker should not contact the physician directly, but rather refer all questions or reports to the supervisor.

The Caregiver/Companion will NOT perform any of the following:

a. Personal care services such as bathing, dressing, and shaving
b. Any heavy lifting or transferring of clients.
c. Administering of any medications, ointments, eye drops, etc.
d. Heavy duty household chores such as washing walls, waxing floors, washing windows, etc.
e. Household repairs or maintenance
f. Cut the fingernails or toenails of any client
g. Heavy housekeeping
h. Cleaning areas of the home or items that the client himself or herself does not use

Additional (non-essential) Functions

Performs other duties as directed by the supervisor consistent with this Job Description and related to client’s independent living where the client cannot perform such duties due to the client’s health or age limitations.

Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Availability

High school graduate or G.E.D. certificate preferred.
The Caregiver/Companion shall have successfully completed a written Competency Evaluation.
Must have a sympathetic attitude toward the care of the sick, and the ability to deal effectively with the demands of the job.
Read, write, speak, and understand English with or without reasonable accommodations as needed for the job.
Must be able to lift at least 40 lbs. with or without reasonable accommodations.
Must have a current and valid driver’s license and be able to safely operate a vehicle in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations with or without reasonable accommodations.

Working Conditions/Environment

Primarily works in client’s place of residence; travel may be required. Shift times and days vary with client needs.

Note/Special Instructions

May be called upon to perform additional tasks as required by supervisor consistent with this Job Description and related to client’s independent living where the client cannot perform such duties due to the client’s health or age limitations.

This Job Description describes the general nature and level of work of this position. It is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required for this position. Company may change this Job Description in its sole discretion with or without prior notice, and will attempt to notify employees of any changes.

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