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Why So Many Texans Prefer Home Care to Other Elder Care Options

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Why So Many Texans Prefer Home Care to Other Elder Care OptionsAll across the country, more and more people prefer to remain within the comfort of their home, if possible, even when they begin struggling with certain aspects of their basic health and mobility. In Texas, a recent report highlights just one of several reasons why there’s this growing desire to ‘age in place,’ or be at home, even when facing extreme challenges with their health or simply getting around.

This report discusses the poor condition of nursing homes across the state and basically the news is not just bad, but horrendous for this level of elder care. Nursing homes rated, on average across the state, extremely poor. In fact, one report called them ‘shamefully poor.’

Nursing home care may be needed for those with advanced medical issues who cannot afford any other care option. It also may be needed for some as a transition from the hospital to return home.

The Houston Chronicle, in a news article, Report calls Texas nursing homes ‘shamefully poor, written by Jenny Deam:

“That’s a solid ‘F,’ Amanda Fredriksen, AARP Texas associate state director for advocacy, said in the new report. “There’s a robust amount of data that suggests there are real problems when it comes to providing quality care in Texas nursing homes.”

Medication and pharmacy issues were most common, followed by staff treatment of residents.

According to CMS data, Texas ranks 42nd in the nation for inappropriate use of antipsychotics. The same federal agency reported that roughly one in five residents were given powerful medication unnecessarily.

AARP has urged Texas lawmakers to repeal the so-called “right to correct” provision that allows nursing homes the ability to avoid financial penalty and correct any violation as long as the infraction does not result in serious harm or death of a resident, constitute a serious threat to the health or safety of a resident or substantially limit a facility’s capacity to provide care.”

As the condition of nursing home care remains low, and the cost of home care support services, including visiting nurses and physical therapists, remains more cost-effective, men and women who face various challenges with mobility and other issues will continue to prefer to remain surrounded by their own creature comforts, their own home, whether they’ve lived there for just a few months or most of their adult life.

This report, as with many others in the past, highlights the value in home care services and why it continues to be such an important aspect of modern health care and safety support.

Valerie VanBooven, RN BSN, Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com

Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com at LTC Expert Publications
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