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Home Care Worker in Tennessee Accused of Theft

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Home Care Worker in Tennessee Accused of TheftAuthorities are investigating allegations that a CNA who was providing in home health care services to a client in Tennessee stole from that client. There are some initial reports that this home care worker may have taken items, including credit cards, from other clients as well.

The complaint was filed and noted that sometime between February 21 and 22, the home care provider came to the victim’s house to provide care for the spouse of the individual who filed the complaint. It was shortly afterward that the complainant noticed two envelopes from her bank missing.

Initially, the complainant thought the envelopes, containing about $2,000, had been misplaced, but then began to suspect that the worker was to blame. The victim stated the worker seemed to be extra nice and friendly.

As reported in the Local 8 Now news blog, Home health care worker accused of theft, written by Dave Detling:

”I thought I had misplaced the envelopes,” she told Local 8 News. “But something told me it was the worker. She was so sweet and kind, but it was all an act.”

She said she retraced her steps. She even went back to the movie theater she visited prior to the loss.

“That’s when the agency called me,” said the woman. “Last week she asked me if I had anything missing since the CNA was here. I told her the story and she said other clients have called complaining that their things have gone missing, that she is taking credit cards.”

When investigative journalists called the home care agency through which the CNA was hired and worked to find out the status of this employee and other information, those calls were not immediately returned.

There has been no mention about how long the in home care provider had been working for the company or any other personal information about this case. The authorities have been keeping close tabs on the case and have not released any concrete information about these thefts or their investigation.

The person who initially filed the complaint stated that this was a learning opportunity and moving forward they will be more diligent in their hiring as well as asking more questions about each caregiver who comes to their home. Some of the questions they would ask may include where they live and how long they’ve been doing the work they’ve been doing.

The complainant said this has been a tough lesson to learn, but didn’t say that home care was out of the question moving forward.

Valerie VanBooven, RN BSN, Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com

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