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Posts by Valerie VanBooven, RN BSN, Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com

New York Budget Has Home Care Recipients and Families Unsettled 

New York Governor Cuomo’s executive budget is proposing to cut $75 million from a program that allows for families to receive care for disabled adults and elderly individuals in need. This is causing many families to be concerned about access to care and whether they will need to move these loved ones into a hospital or nursing home environment. 

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Advertisers Could Utilize Health Data Provided by Patients -at Home or in the Hospital 

Hospitals across country are beginning to employ smart devices in patient rooms. This allows a patient to speak out a command, request, or question and possibly control entertainment such as the television channels, request the assistance of a nurse, or even connect with family and friends who aren’t there with them.  

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Information Is the Key to Helping People Stay Home Longer (with Proper Care) 

More seniors prefer to remain in the comfort of their home, even if they require ongoing and regular support. Home health care services is one of the best assets in allowing these aging seniors the opportunity to ‘age in place.’ It not only provides a better emotional framework, it is also far more cost-effective than other options, which may include nursing homes or hospital stay

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Illinois Home Care Worker Facing Murder Charges in the Death of an Aging Client

A home health care worker outside of Chicago, Illinois, is facing charges of murdering a 78-year-old client of his. When firefighters responded to a call at a home in Homewood, they discovered an elderly gentleman inside. He had been stabbed repeatedly and it is unclear whether the fire was started deliberately in an attempt to cover up the murder or was a result of some other incident following the attack.

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Home Care Becoming a More Integral Aspect of Long-Term Care Planning

Planning ahead is often promoted as a responsible and reasonable action for most adults to take. When planning for retirement, people are encouraged to invest in their 401(k) (if offered by an employer), stocks, savings, and other investments. While 78 percent of full-time working aged Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (an epidemic in its own right) (CNBC), few of those remaining 22 percent are planning as properly as they can and don’t think there may be any need for long-term care in their future.

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Home Care Continues to Improve Health Care for Aging Seniors 

One of the significant challenges seniors face as they get older is continuing to receive proper health care. For some, cost is prohibitive and for others finding ways to get to their doctor could become an overwhelming challenge. With home care being a more integral part of overall health care for many seniors, access to and quality of those health care support services has improved. 

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