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Posts by Valerie VanBooven, RN BSN, Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com

Home Health May Help Keep People More Actively Engaged in Their Care

One of the most significant challenges hospitals face in reducing readmission rates (when a patient is readmitted within 30 days of their discharge) is keeping their patients actively engaged in their own health, recovery, and care. A doctor or nurse can only do so much, and even though many hospitals across the country have been providing more information, support, and other resources to patients upon discharge, if those patients don’t do what’s necessary or recommended, it can lead to complications.

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Ohio State Auditor Claims Home Care Agency Owes Back Reimbursements

While the state is claiming that a Washington Township home care agency owes back reimbursements of almost $4 million due to ‘widespread’ noncompliance among staff, legal representatives for the company claim the state has used fault mathematics to come to this conclusion. It’s a contentious issue that may not be resolved in the near future, but it highlights important aspects of home health care in Ohio and other regions across the country.

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Successful Home Care Agencies Expand Operations to New Regions

When the Department of Labor altered its rules and provided minimum wage and overtime protections to home health care aides, and when Medicaid cut its reimbursement rates to home care agencies by 14 percent to make room for Obamacare, many small, independent agencies began to struggle. With innovative thinking and a strong long-term plan, though, some of these same agencies have found a way to expand.

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Seniors Face More Risks by Refusing Home Care Following a Hospital Stay 

Numerous men and women have a difficult time even thinking about a complete stranger coming into their home to provide any number of services. Unfortunately, this mode of thinking (focusing on a ‘stranger’ rather than a home health care aide or other provider) is limiting the number of seniors who actually rely on these services. 

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Brokering Peace with Home Care Franchisees During Difficult Seas 

Numerous home care franchise agencies across the country faced difficult times when the Department of Labor changed the rules governing minimum wage and overtime for home care workers. When these rules suddenly meant caregivers working for agencies could no longer be considered ‘independent contractors,’ it added costs to those smaller agencies, and some could not make it without other changes. 

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California Counties Backlogged with Home Care Cases

In order for men and women who need assistance at home to avoid nursing home care or another more expensive and less ideal situation, they need support. If that support is not available and family are unable to step in, then safety becomes a major concern. California has often been on the forefront of social programs, but in some counties throughout the state, including Contra Costa, a backlog of social services cases means many of its residents are going without the necessary support they need.

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