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The Impact Evacuations Have on the Elderly

It’s becoming a regular mantra in recent years, and occurs at least somewhere across the country every year: evacuations. Authorities evacuate residents due to wildfires, torrential rains, hurricanes, and more. With Hurricanes Harvey and Irma now (finally and mercifully) gone, there’s more than just physical destruction that needs to be accounted for; there’s also the death toll.

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A Major Hurdle in Keeping Home Care Workers in the Industry

There’s no shortage of opportunities in the workforce today. However, many people complain about low wages and how they can’t survive on minimum wage. That may certainly be true in some major cities with the cost of living having skyrocketed out of control, but in many industries, the opportunity for growth exists, but what about in home care?

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CT Home Care Services Beginning to Be Cut Due to Budget Stalemate

The state of Connecticut continues to deal with a budget stalemate that, even though it’s been warned could have devastating consequences for the men and women who rely on in home care support services, isn’t showing signs of ending any time soon. That means, despite these repeated warnings, the elderly and disabled who rely on visiting nurses and home care aides will likely begin noticing a change in their services.

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Maryland’s ‘Recovery’ Points to More Service-Oriented Jobs, Like Home Health Care

Years after the ‘Great Recession’ of 2008, jobs are returning. In fact, according to estimates, unemployment is around 4 percent in Maryland, although the government-based unemployment numbers don’t take into account several factors, including those who gave up looking for work or who had to take part-time employment when they had been working full-time in the past. Still, the economy has improved, but in Maryland, the numbers don’t tell the entire story.

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Documentary Highlights Home Care Crisis About to Hit Home for Millions of Seniors

One look around the country, the news, and budgets from state to state and on the federal level and it becomes clear that there are plenty of crises blooming. However, one is causing a lot of seniors and advocates for their care a great deal of stress and anxiety and that has to do with the potential problem of in home care support.

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