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Home Health Care Employees Sue Employer for Failure to Pay Overtime

Former employees of a Rio Grande Valley home care agency have filed a lawsuit against their former employers claiming that they failed to pay for overtime. When the United States Department of Labor changed the rules and placed home care employees under the same minimum wage and overtime protections as most other workers throughout the country, some agencies claimed this was going to be a financial problem, especially for those deemed live-in caregivers.

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Home Health Care May Be Covered by Medicare for Qualifying ALS Patients

The struggle to look after and care for someone with ALS (commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) can be monumental. Yet many families do what they can to provide support, even to the point of wearing themselves out and facing their own physical and health struggles. One thing that is commonly thought, though, by many of these families is that Medicare and Medicaid won’t cover long-term home care services.

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Initial Studies Indicate African Americans More Likely to Face Rehospitalization, even When Relying on Home Health Care

Home health care provides a number of benefits for people facing a number of challenges at home. The vast majority of the estimated 12 million home care clients are elderly, and while these services do provide an incredible boost to their mental, emotional, and physical health, it isn’t offering the same benefits across racial lines, according to a recent study.

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Amazon’s Alexa Making a Foray into Home Health Care

Personal digital assistants have become a major fascination throughout the country and around the world. Devices like Alexa, Cortana, and Siri allow people to simply talk and have many of their requests met, including playing certain music, looking up various products, and reminders about appointments in the near future. Now Amazon’s Alexa may soon be taking a step into the home health care market.

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LTC Expert Publications’ Amazing Home Care Marketing Client of the Month for May 2018!

LTC Expert Publications is proud to announce our AMAZING Home Care Marketing Client of the Month for May 2018!

So many of our clients are regularly engaging and being proactive with their own content- and we recognize all of the contributions over the last month. Your extra attention is helping YOUR home care agency grow.

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Home-Based Hospice Care Offering More Benefits to Those Facing Chronic Diseases and Other Life Challenges

When people hear the word ‘hospice,’ they have a specific thought in mind. Usually, it involves support for those individuals who are facing the final weeks or even days of their life. However, hospice care can also be beneficial for men and women dealing with chronic diseases and other life challenges.

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Kansas City Home Health Care Worker Receives Three Years’ Probation for Stealing from Elderly Clients

When home health care workers commit fraud, steal from clients, or take part in other illegal activities that directly affect their clients, it leaves a mark on the industry as a whole. Such is the case of Aldean Foster, who pleaded guilty recently to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from aging men and women in her care.

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In-Home Telemedicine Beneficial To People Facing Physical or Emotional Challenges

As people get older, they often face an increased risk of major health challenges. Some of those challenges can be in the form of mental, physical, or emotional. The more struggles a person faces as they move into their 70s and 80s, for example, the more difficult it becomes to remain safe, even in the comfort of their home. This is one reason in home care is growing in popularity; it allows these men and women the opportunity to remain home.

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Texas Home Care Providers Stuck Waiting to Get Paid Amidst Company Fraud Allegations

A number of home care providers working for an agency in Rio Grande Valley, Texas are currently waiting to be paid for work they did over the course of several weeks. The company they worked for shut its doors after the federal government charged its owners with health care fraud. The owners are also facing money laundering charges.

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