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Home Care Worker Accused of Stealing from Elderly Client

A former home health care worker from Knoxville is out of work and facing a list of charges after she allegedly took advantage of a disabled elderly client. The victim in this case was an 87 year old woman who has suffered a stroke. She struggled to complete some basic tasks of everyday life and Christine Bethann Maples was hired through an agency to provide care and support to her.

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For Kindred, Home Health and Hospice Is a Great Growth Opportunity

As a part of a question and answer segment at the 2017 Barclays Global Healthcare Conference that was held in Miami recently, Kindred Healthcare CEO Benjamin Breier made the case that the home health and hospice industry offered a great opportunity for growth. He said that companies entering into this industry face relatively low startup costs, but not enough of these smaller companies are making a significant focus of their business model.

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Retirees Must Plan for Added Costs in Retirement, Including for In-Home Care

While many people plan for retirement, there are also numerous men and women all across the country who don’t have the financial means to set aside much, if any, money at all for their retirement years. It’s one of the reasons why so many seniors continue to work, even taking on physically demanding work and even in light of potentially serious health issues; they can’t avoid it. Planning for retirement means also understanding the financial burdens, which can include health and home care costs.

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Shortage of Home Care Workers Could Deepen with Minimum Wage Increases

New York is in the midst of what may be a major crisis in the years ahead within the in home care industry. While Governor Cuomo and others in Albany have been working to find ways to address wages and availability of in home health care workers by setting aside $6 billion to help offset the state’s minimum wage hike and the federal cuts to Medicaid reimbursement within the industry, in upstate and rural regions, many advocates claim those efforts will do little to help the problem.

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New York’s Home Care Funding Crisis Reaches Lawmakers Attention

New York is embroiled in a tough situation. While state lawmakers have jumped on the minimum wage hike bandwagon, there hasn’t been enough attention paid to the state’s reimbursement rates for in home care services. This is, at least, according to a number of rural home care providers who made the case before the Assembly that some are being forced out of business and that’s going to have devastating repercussions for the elderly and disabled.

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