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Irma’s Reminder of Proper Planning in the Face of Emergencies

In the face of emergencies, some people heed the advice of authorities to evacuate. Others prefer to remain where they are, protecting their home and assuming they will be able to ride out the storm or whatever situation is on the horizon. For some elderly individuals, whether they are in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or remain at home with the support of professional and experienced caregivers, evacuating may not seem practical.

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Home Care Aide Charged with Exploiting Elderly Client

A 31-year-old home care aide from Eldon is facing charges that include financial exploitation of a person with a disability. Kellie Ann Quillen was being initially investigated on 57 counts of felony forgery, one count of felony stealing, and three counts of misdemeanor fraudulent use of a credit device. When she faced a judge in Miller County Associate Circuit Court recently, though, only eight charges of felony forgery and one charge of felony stealing $750 or more were filed against her.

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Lessons from Harvey: How Seniors Struggle in the Wake of Major Disasters

The pictures and videos have gone viral. They depict people from all walks of life looking shell-shocked, moving through waist deep water in streets, standing in homes that are left in complete destruction, and seniors in nursing homes sitting in chairs among that same waist deep water that is more than just from the storm. Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and the surrounding regions with historic flooding and often times these floods will not just bring dirt and garbage in from outside into homes, but sewage and other harmful materials as well.

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What Opportunities Will Exist for Home Care Workers in the Future?

The home care industry is facing a crisis. Some are calling this point in history a ‘tipping point’ for in home care services. That’s because with the federal government continuing to cut Medicaid reimbursements for home care services and an increase in demand driven by the Baby Boomer generation now retiring, it’s a perfect storm that will roll in before long.

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Wisconsin’s Looming Health Care Crisis Will Affect Home Care, Too

Wisconsin is witnessing the same type of trend that’s occurring all across the country: as baby boomer’s retire, they’re going to be taxing the health and home care industries. That means unless there are more workers to fill the need, some men and women could find themselves struggling to cope with their health changes and physical difficulties on their own.

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