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Missouri County Could Face Home Care Cuts

While certain requests for information regarding how many elderly and disabled adult residents in Cape Girardeau receive in-home care support were not granted, it’s clear there may be a serious problem for Region II of the Department of Health and Senior Services in Cape Girardeau. That’s because cuts to Medicaid reimbursements for this level of care could be on the way.

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Training Helps Home Care Aides Improve Alzheimer’s Care

When the best teams in any sport take the field, the spectators often have no idea just how much training has gone on before the games. Sure, people are fully aware that these athletes trained for many years, but the specifics of that training are often unnoticed. The same can be said for home care aides and other professional and home care providers, especially when they are supporting seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia.

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Voice-Enabled Assistants the Wave of the Future for Home Care

Technology continues to drive many industries around the world. One of those industries is the home health care sector. As demand for in home care services continues to increase, especially with the Baby Boomer generation retiring and more people preferring to remain within the comfort of their home as opposed to relying on nursing homes or assisted living communities, technology is taking a more prevalent center stage within this industry.

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