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Texas Home Care Firm Investigated Following Patient and Employee Complaints

A San Antonio home care agency is still open for business, even though the state is investigating it for not paying attention to patients properly, owing back taxes, and allegedly not paying its employees what they are owed. Some patients of the agency are even resorting to providing their own care, with no idea about when or if they will receive experienced, professional care any time soon.

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The Growing Challenge Home Care Agencies May Face in the Public Eye

Home care agencies across the country continue to face a mountain of challenges. Some of those challenges involve finances. While the federal government has continued to slash Medicaid reimbursements for in home care services, most in an effort to pay for the Affordable Care Act, it has placed increased pressure on agencies to operate in the black.

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Some Claim Home Care Under Assault by Replacing Obamacare

Ever since President Trump took office with his promise to his supporters to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act of 2010), there has been a relentless effort by some media organizations and political pundits to denounce the effort and even claim that it would mean less access to healthcare and in home care support for an aging population in this country.

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Technological Innovators May Be Looking for Easy Solutions in Home and Health Care

The path to new innovations within the healthcare industry can sometimes be long, convoluted, and even frustrating for some investors. When it comes to technological advances, there are numerous opportunities out there, but investors are often looking for the path of least resistance, and that also translates to innovations within the in home care sector.

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