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Frustration Mounts for Health and Home Health Care Concerns Across Parts of Country

When President Trump was Candidate Trump, one of the major issues for his platform that helped build a strong base of support was his professed desire to dismantle and replace the Affordable Care Act of 2010. The Republican’s proposal was met with great resistance from all sides of the political spectrum and it has raised concerns among citizens across the country whether a plan that reduces access to health care and that could even impact in home health care for elderly and disabled clients is the best option.

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California Seniors and Disabled Who Rely on Home Care Worried About New Health Care Plan

Even though the GOP’s proposed health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act was withdrawn, it raised a great deal of concern for some who rely on support from the federal government for in home care. One of the major concerns for Californians with regard to this prospective replacement health care bill is that it could limit the amount of time (number of days) seniors can get government supported in home care services.

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Home Care Could Face Trying Times in CT Due to Budget Problems

Moody’s Investors Service has long been a bastion of economic warnings for people seeking safe harbors for their investments. They also pay close attention to local, state, and federal governments and their budgets. In a recent report released by Moody’s, they warned that Connecticut’s budget could face a weak economy for years to come. This could directly impact in home care support as well.

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Many In-Home Care Workers Struggle with Their Own Care

Home care providers are some of the most important workers in a health care industry that has been facing numerous crises and changes in recent years. While hospitals are attempting to reduce time patients spend in their care, that means they are discharging them sooner than ever and some move on to nursing home care for a time while others are sent home to recover.

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Home Care Workers Facing Federal Charges of Defrauding Medicaid

Last week federal prosecutors announced that six individuals were indicted and facing charges of defrauding Medicaid services. The prosecutors in the case told reporters that these six were either out on vacation, at a casino, or working other jobs when they reported on Medicaid billing timesheets that they were providing home health care services to a number of clients.

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Couple Facing Home Health Care Fraud Case Gets Plea Agreement

When prosecutors work on a case for several years, there’s a significant investment in it. It’s not just the attorneys’ time that comes into play, but also investigators and much more. With so much put into a case, it can be shocking when the entire structure of the case begins to fall apart. Such was the case recently when a $45 million home health care fraud case suddenly collapsed, but it wasn’t due to a lack of evidence.

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