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Home Health Care Hours Cut in Colorado, Causing Concern for Some Families

Taking care of a disabled adult child or any family member, for that matter, is going to be challenging. Even though there are millions of people across the United States doing this very thing, not all of them are enjoying the support they once had through Medicare and Medicaid Services. One such family are the Hargetts. Nathaniel Hargett, 38, recently underwent surgery for the 109th time and his mother has been his primary caregiver for a long time.

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Home Health Care Providers Make Sure Clients Have the Best Support

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the daily rigors of life and fail to acknowledge the unsung heroes who make a difference in the lives of men and women all across the country. Home care providers -from aides to visiting nurses and so many others- help provide seniors and disabled adults a chance to remain at home, even when they are facing serious challenges in life.

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What Do Formal Outlook Reports Offer the Home Care Industry?

Business Wire announced the release of its 2017 Home Health Care Market Outlook Report recently, and it promises to offer a number of predictions regarding the industry as a whole and what can be expected for the next several years. There have been numerous predictions throughout the past decade or so, and some of the most significant have already come to pass, namely that the sector is the biggest job creator in the United States right now.

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In Home Care Support Leads the Way for Healthcare into the Future

The healthcare system in the United States has gone through some major changes through the years. Even though it is renowned by the world as the leader, it continues to have challenges due to a wide range of reasons. Currently, the cost of healthcare in this country continues to skyrocket and it has led many to try and find cost saving solutions, and that has meant an increased focus on in home care support.

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Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case Regarding Raises for Home Healthcare Workers

Recently, the Supreme Court decided it would not hear arguments on a case that challenged the Labor Department’s new rule change that went into effect this past year providing pay protections for home health care and other similar workers. The rule stays in place and while advocates for increased wages see this as a good sign, some industry leaders and agency owners worry about the long lasting repercussions it will continue to have for those who require assistance at home.

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Pete Frates Getting Financial Assistance for In-Home Care Support

Pete Frates is the man who helped inspire the social media frenzy, ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge.’ The goal of this challenge was to raise funds and awareness of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). It was a media sensation for a while in 2014 and Pete Frates has been diagnosed in 2012. Now, though, his family is out of money and has been struggling to keep in home care support in place.

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