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Texas Home Care Providers Stuck Waiting to Get Paid Amidst Company Fraud Allegations

A number of home care providers working for an agency in Rio Grande Valley, Texas are currently waiting to be paid for work they did over the course of several weeks. The company they worked for shut its doors after the federal government charged its owners with health care fraud. The owners are also facing money laundering charges.

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Home Care Industry Faces Challenges on Multiple Fronts

Maintaining a home care agency in today business climate has actually become more challenging, and not for the reasons most common for other types of industries. While demand is high, and growing (expected to be the number one job creator in the entire country through at least 2030), there are other factors placing enormous pressure on the small, independent agencies.

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Understanding California’s Medi-Cal System as it Pertains to In-Home Care Services

Some families become confused about the difference between Medicare and Medicaid as it pertains to in-home care services. In California, Medicaid is covered through Medi-Cal. Medicare is designed for people 65 or over and will provide coverage for specific types of in home care support if a doctor has certified that the individual is homebound.

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Relying on Multiple Resources Help Make People More Aware of In-Home Care Services

Home care agencies and other providers may face increasing challenges to help the public within their respective communities be more aware of the services available to them. In today’s technology-driven society, there are numerous platforms for people to find a wealth of information and for in home care providers, utilizing these resources becomes an essential component of success.

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Home Care Agencies May Benefit by Offering Information and Resources to Families Caring for Loved Ones at Home, Too

An estimated 44 million family members are caring for aging and disabled loved ones at home, according to AARP. Many of them don’t understand the benefits of home care support services, or have the misconception that it’s an all-or-nothing situation. In other words, some families believe they either hire home care aides and are no longer needed or that they must do everything to support this aging parent or other individual in their family.

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Larger Home Care Operations Now Looking to Turn Independent Agencies into Franchises

While the home care industry is growing (expected to remain the number one job creator through 2024, at least), it’s also facing an enormous amount of pressure from new government regulations, funding issues, and other challenges. These new rules and regulations are making it more difficult for small, independent agencies to remain competitive.

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