Health Care Now! Medicare’s Birthday: July 30

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NationalDayOfActionGraphicMedicare was born on July 30, 1965. It provided all seniors who were over the age of 65, as well as individuals who were disabled the ability to get the healthcare they needed from providers they selected.

The Medicare program provided assistance for tens of millions of people in America who were considered vulnerable and kept them out of medical bankruptcy.

With the 50th anniversary of Medicare here, it is being celebrated with nation-wide mass demonstrations. These demonstrations are in an effort to:

  • Preserve the existing state of Medicare against the conservative attempts to increase the eligibility age from 65 to 67 and to replace the uncapped payments with vouchers
  • Improve the program by eliminating gaps including mental health care, vision, dental and prescription drug coverage
  • Expand Medicare to everyone – the non-disabled and those under the age of 65 There have been a number of struggles for Medicare in recent years, leading to many concerns that health coverage is going to disappear completely soon.

For example, in 2018 Obamacare, better known as the Affordable Care Act, has issued the “Cadillac plan tax” for employers. This causes huge premiums having to be paid, which may result in costs being passed to employees, or the employer seeking sub-par coverage.

Also, if the GOP attacks on Medicare are successful, then the employers will have two full years of full premiums for every employee they have prior to Medicare giving any relief. Even with these higher premiums, employees will have to work for more years and still be at risk for fewer benefits once they reach Medicare age.

The Medicare at 50 efforts are switching the fight for single payer and Medicare for all into high gear. The end goal is to provide equal, full and truly universal health insurance to replace the corrupt and discriminatory private insurance options. The fact is that if serious changes are not made in the healthcare system, quality health benefits are going to be just a memory.

This will leave millions of seniors, as well as disabled individuals, who are under senior care at risk. The latest plan that has been introduced takes healthcare off of the bargaining table completely, helping to standardize premiums according to established laws, divorce health insurance from a person’s employment and ends the healthcare poker or blackmail.

This is why the 50th anniversary of Medicare is also marking a movement to send a message that private insurance companies should be dropped and the benefits of Expanded and Improved Medicare for All be encouraged.

This will benefit everyone including seniors, their caregivers and everyone else around the nation. The fact is that health insurance has always been a topic of discussion, debate and disagreement for politicians, consumers, employers and everyone else around the nation.

Having affordable quality care is essential, especially as people reach their older years. For those who are moved by this movement, they can take a stand and ensure their voice and opinion is heard.


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