Home Care People: Here’s What’s What and Who’s Who

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Home Care What's What and Who's WhoHere’s what’s going on at three of the industry leaders in caregiving:

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VNA Homecare

VNA Homecare, based in Syracuse, was envisioned as a way to make healthcare work for the regions they serve. Their mission is to be the premier community and home-based system by promoting health, independence, and a collaborative environment.

Earlier this month, VNA appointed a brand-new corporate-compliance officer, Dawn Richey. Dawn will be helping develop educational programs, creating channels of communication for compliance issues, and working with necessary legal teams. She has experience as a manager of emergency preparedness and as a quality improvement analyst.

You can read more about Dawn Richey and VNA Homecare here.


Integrity Home Care & Hospice

Integrity Home Care & Hospice is one of the leading home care providers in Springfield, Missouri area. They focus on building a Christian-based environment where clients are treated with incredible skill and compassion.

Cliff Stepp was recently named the President and Chief Operating Officer of Integrity, joining their executive team. He has a great deal of healthcare experience, including working as the Chief Executive Officer of Therapy Support, a company that provides a variety of supplies and services to hospices in many states. Cliff has previously served on Integrity’s advisory board and on the board of directors.

You may read a bit more about Cliff Stepp’s new position here.


Synergy Homecare

Synergy Homecare in Olympia, WA is focused on keeping your loved ones safe and independent. They take care of your loved ones while providing companionship as well. To them, a senior is only taken care of if they’re able to live a full, happy life.

Recently, Synergy has put the spotlight on some of their caregivers. Suzette, for example, has been providing care for 30 years. She decided to become a caregiver when she saw her own loved one struggling with Alzheimer’s. Her love and compassion for her grandmother made her want to provide care to other seniors struggling with similar disabilities.

Emily is another incredible caregiver at Synergy. As a teenager, she helped provide care for her grandfather who had suffered a stroke. After she began thinking about what she wanted to do for a living in college, she realized that she too was meant to be a caregiver. She is currently working towards her nursing degree so she can continue to help people who need help.

You can read all about Suzette and Emily here.

Caregivers are a wonderful breed of people, completely selfless and focused on the needs of others. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog for more examples of caregivers doing what they do best: providing for your loved ones.














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