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Home Care Agency Set to Offer 12 Weeks Maternity Leave for Caregivers

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Home Care Agency Set to Offer 12 Weeks Maternity Leave for CaregiversNot every home care agency across the country is large enough or strong enough to offer its caregivers top level benefits, but one new startup in New York is offering its workers a generous level of maternity leave. Hometeam is a New York based agency that provides in home care services to elderly and disabled clients. It will provide up to 12 weeks of maternity leave, but there are some stipulations.

One of those stipulations is that in order to take advantage of this, home care aides and other providers will need to have completed 1,250 hours of service (work) for the company before they take that leave.

That could help deter some prospective team members who may only be interested in working as a home care aide in order to receive some extra benefits. Another major advantage with regard to maternity leave Hometeam is offering will be for its male employees. These male employees would be eligible for up to 2 weeks paternity leave.

According to a staff reporter for the New York Post, in the news article, Home care startup to offer workers 12 weeks maternity leave:

“Hometeam, a New York startup that specializes in home-health care for seniors, is beefing up its employee benefits to include maternity leave.

Beginning this month, the company’s at-home caregivers will be eligible for 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave as long as they have completed at least 1,250 hours of service at the company.

That’s an hourly total that most of Hometeam’s 1,000 or so caregivers manage to log within six months, says Andrew Andrew Chomer, the company’s chief marketing officer.”

Hometeam already provides health benefits to new employees and also offers 401(k) opportunities to assist them in planning for their retirement. While it may seem that 1,250 hours of work is a lot, many of the estimated 1,000 caregivers already working for the company can log that within six months, which makes it an attractive opportunity for those men and women looking to raise a family in the future.

Hometeam reportedly pays relatively high wages and has the opportunity to attract the best and most dedicated caregivers from the region. It wasn’t noted whether the company only targets a specific demographic or if it accepts Medicaid reimbursements for low-income clients. Many other agencies across the city and around the country face financial hurdles because of low reimbursement rates and are unable to pay the wages top tier caregivers would demand.

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