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Houston Couple Faces Home Health Care Fraud Charges

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Houston Couple Faces Home Health Care Fraud ChargesIn recent years there have been a string of home health care fraud cases authorities have been clamping down on. The latest arrests involve a couple who allegedly had been filing false claims for in home care services rendered, yet that had never been provided. In fact, in a twist for this case (compared to other similar fraud cases), not a single listed client or doctor who apparently provided direct medical care had ever heard of these defendants.

The two defendants are Oluyemisi Amos, 35, and her husband, Felix Amos, 66. The two were indicted on numerous counts of home health care and Medicaid fraud. The allegedly bilked the government out of $24 million over a period of a few years.

Houston publication Chron noted in the blog, Local couple appear in federal court for $24 million Medicare fraud scam, written by Alex Meyer:

“The Houston-area couple are suspected of falsely billing Medicare through their numerous home health companies, Acting United States Attorney Abe Martinez said in a statement. They are charged with conspiracy to commit health care fraud, health care fraud and money laundering.

The Amoses submitted their first fraudulent claims to Medicare in 2011, after purchasing the Houston-based home health company Advanced Holistic Healthcare Services Inc., according to the indictment. After a year of ownership, the married couple billed Medicare for two years of Advanced Holistic services, eight months of which would have been prior to their purchase of the company.

Medicare then paid Advanced Holistic approximately $2,156,800.”

The Amos’s claimed that a doctor certified the bills and was aware of the services that were being provided, but that doctor has reported to have denied even knowing anything about the home care agency the Amos’s own, Advanced Holistic.

In 2014, Ms. Amos purchased Access Practical Solutions, Inc. and listed herself as the sole owner of the company. Within four months, she had submitted bills totaling over $7,308,000 and directed funds to be deposited directly into her personal checking account.

In Houston, over 200 people have been charged with Medicare and Medicaid fraud since 2009, the majority of them operating within the home care realm. Lawyers for the Amos have noted that their clients are anxious to tell their side of the story and ‘clear their names’ when they have their day in court.

It is unclear when the first court date will be set for or whether any discussions between the Amos’ lawyers and prosecutors have commenced.

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