More Seniors Turn to Home Care for Support

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More Seniors Turn to Home Care for SupportIt’s no surprise that in home care services has become the top job creator in the United States in recent years with the Baby Boomer generation now reaching retirement age. Men and women born shortly after the end of World War II and the mid-1960s are considered a part of this generation and constitutes a significant percentage of the U.S. population.

As the average life expectancy for people in the U.S. has continued to increase, and with hospitals and nursing homes being a costlier care option for those who require assistance of some kind due to a medical emergency or recovery from surgery, for example, there has already been a jump in demand for these services.

Some publications, like the Daily Globe, have been highlighting in recent years that not only do these in home care services provide numerous assets for those in recovery or who have difficulty with their mobility, they also allow these seniors and disabled adults the opportunity to maximize their quality of life.

Jane Moore reported in the news blog, Happy at home: Davis relies on home health care, published by the Daily Globe:

“I can’t stand up for very long at a time; it’s not too pleasant,” she [Nellie Davis, 85] admitted.

But with the support of her daughters, and the regular care Gruis provides, Davis is able to remain independent.

Davis and her husband grew up in Mountain Home, Ark., a small town in the southern Ozarks located in northern Arkansas. Joe’s employment eventually pulled them northward, first to the Kansas City, Mo., area and later to Round Lake.

“Joe worked for Armour, and he got 24 hours’ notice to be up in Worthington,” she revealed. “We had three kids by then, and boy, was that a job to pack everything, get a U-Haul and move up here.

Another benefits that more families across the country are starting to realize when it comes to in home care support is that adult children, spouses, and even siblings don’t need to be taxed to the point of exhaustion to ensure a loved one is safe within the comfort of his or her home; they can rely on these home care services and be more confident that their loved one is safe and having the level of experienced support they deserve.

Demand is certainly increasing and even as the federal government cuts Medicaid reimbursement rates for these services, those seniors and others who rely on them enjoy more out of life as a result.

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