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Kansas Home Care Worker Suspect of Stealing Up to 6-Figures Worth of Valuables from Clients

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Kansas Home Care Worker Suspect of Stealing Up to 6-Figures Worth of Valuables from ClientsA 59 year old Kansas woman is facing a series of theft charges as she allegedly stole numerous items from at least one or more clients while she was providing in home care for them. Aldean ‘Suzy’ Foster is facing charges that she stole what could total more than $100,000 from clients in a short amount of time, then pawned many of the items in a variety of area pawn shops.

One of the victims did not want to be identified, but claims the theft could total anywhere between $40,000 and $60,000 from her. She said Ms. Foster only worked for her about a week before quitting, and that’s when the 85 year old client discovered the missing items.

The victim in this case said that every single piece of jewelry she had that contained a diamond in it was stolen. She said, “I was shocked, absolutely shocked that everything was gone.”

Investigators handling this case said that even though Ms. Foster worked for an agency, the agency in question did conduct a thorough background check before hiring her. However, Ms. Foster apparently had been caring for elderly and disabled clients for a long time, so there is no clear idea whether there could be more victims out there.

Fox 4 News reported in the article, Home healthcare worker suspected in Leawood thefts may have taken six-figures worth of valuables, written by Melissa Stern:

“Through some investigation, follow up through some of the pawn companies, stuff like that, we were able to determine the items stolen from our victim matched several items she had pawned, and then we also found some items from other jurisdictions,” said Detective John Freeman with the Leawood Police Department.

Det. Freeman says Foster`s been working in home healthcare for years, but this is the first time she’s faced any charges, so employers wouldn’t have found any red flags.

“They do their due diligence, doing a background check, and checking on their employees,” he added.

Police arrested Foster in Wyandotte County, and she’s since posted bond and been released from jail while she waits for her next court date. FOX 4’s Melissa Stern knocked on her door for comment on Wednesday, but it appeared no one was home.”

Some of Ms. Foster’s previous clients may also have been victimized by her as a ring turned up in a pawn shop from an elderly client who had passed away some time ago.

Albean Foster was released on bond and is currently awaiting her next court date.

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