VNAA Launches New Advocacy Group to Push for High Quality Home Care

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Numerous advocates of those who have needed or may require some level of in home care have been waiting for a consolidated organization to unify many of their voices. That may now be coming with the launching of ElevatingHOME, a non-profit organization by the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA).

There are about 10,000 senior enrolling for Medicaid every day at the moment. That’s due to the Baby Boomer generation now retiring. ‘Baby Boomers’ generally encompass those men and women born shortly after the end of World War II and through the mid to latter part of the 1960s. As America prospered following World War II, many families had more children and now those children are starting to retire.

This is placing increased pressure on healthcare and in home care support services. However, much of the industry -from a national perspective- is relatively fractured. ElevatingHOME, it is hoped, will unify the industry to help improve access to care, quality of care, and wages and benefits for caregivers who are the backbone of this industry.

In a press release published by Business Wire entitled, New Nonprofit Industry Association Launches to Advocate for High-Quality, Affordable Home-Based Health Care:

“Experts believe home-based care can play three critical roles in a redesigned health care delivery system: partnering with primary care; providing post-acute and acute care at home; and partnering with home and community-based long-term care providers. “Home-based care is carefully designed to provide care that people of all ages need – from wellness visits and chronic disease management to palliative, advanced illness and hospice care – and it is generally provided at lower costs than similar care provided in a medical institution,” said Moorhead. “Not only can home-based care services substitute for higher-cost hospital care, it can also ensure that patients who have been hospitalized do not wind up back in the hospital soon after being discharged.”

ElevatingHOME aims to show how in home care support services play an integral role in health care needs of seniors and other adults at home, share information and resources to inform the general public and other medical professionals about the benefits on in home care, increasing standards and integrity within the field, and assisting with academic and legislative support for those who require this level of care and their family members.

ElevatingHOME was launched this year, 2017, and represents home care based providers and focuses on improving patient-centered care, quality, and cost-effectiveness of these care services.

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