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New York Home Care Aide Sentenced for Stealing from Elderly Client

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New York Home Care Aide Sentenced for Stealing from Elderly ClientMary Talbot, 54, of Cheektowaga in New York, was recently sentenced for stealing from an elderly client. The home care aide had pleaded guilty to charges of grand larceny back in April. She also pleaded guilty to five counts of forgery in the second degree.

Ms. Talbot had been caring for an 82-year-old client from January 2015 and May 2016. During that time, she used the victim’s checks, forging them and making them out to herself, and then cashing them.

According to court records, Ms. Talbot stole a total of $41,590 from this client during that time and claimed that she had a gambling addiction. Mary Talbot is currently attending counseling for this gambling addiction and is paying back restitution to the victim in this case. So far she has paid back $18,700 and was sentenced to five years probation in Erie County and will have to pay $350 per month until June, 2022.

The Buffalo News reported in the article, Home health care aide sentenced for stealing from elderly client:

“Mary Talbot, 54, of Cheektowaga, pleaded guilty in April to grand larceny in the third degree and five counts of forgery in the second degree.

According to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, between January 2015 to May 2016, Talbot, who was the victim’s home health care aide, stole $41,590 by forging the woman’s checks, making them payable to herself and then cashing them.”

It was not made clear what led authorities to begin investigation Mary Talbot, but it was likely reported by the client or the client’s family. There was also no note during the sentencing phase of this case whether Mary Talbot worked independently or for an agency.

Many seniors and their family members worry about something like this occurring to themselves or loved ones, and may very well be one of the leading reasons why more men and women in need of support fail to choose in home support services. While cases like this are isolated incidences and rare, especially considering how many home care providers support elderly and disabled clients across the country, it’s these stories that get full attention in the news media, making it appear as though this is commonplace.

The terms of Ms. Talbot’s probation were not made clear through the local news media, or how she will be paying back restitution. For those who plan to rely on home care support, it’s important to pay attention to the client’s financials to minimize risk of fraud, theft, or abuse.

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