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Home Health Care Worker Facing Charges He Attempted to Assist ISIS

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Home Health Care Worker Facing Charges He Attempted to Assist ISISA home health care aide was arrested last week in New York on charges he was attempting to join the Islamic militant group ISIS. Saddam Mohamed Raishani was arrested on Wednesday as he was getting ready to board a plane to fly to Lisbon, Portugal at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

According to reports, Mr. Raishani had initially contacted an individual expressing a desire to join ISIS back in January. What he didn’t realize was that the person he contacted was working at the direction of law enforcement.

ABC News reported in the article, Home health care aide accused of trying to help terror group, written by Larry Neumeister for the Associated Press:

“Authorities said Raishani’s plans were foiled in January after he unknowingly contacted a person who was a confidential source working at the direction of law enforcement. According to a criminal complaint, Raishani, who’s from the Bronx, told the source that he had helped a friend shop for supplies to take to the Islamic State group and had driven that person to the airport and contributed money before the friend left the United States.”

According to the criminal complaint, Mr. Raishani was upset that he hadn’t taken the opportunity to travel with a friend when he went to Syria as he wanted to join ISIS and their fight. He also allegedly mentioned something about his desire to fight for ISIS to his wife, but because of her reaction, he didn’t mention it again. He was allegedly concerned that if he did she would report him to the authorities.

Over time, the contact Ms. Raishani met introduced him to an undercover FBI agent who was then informed about some of his plans. While he was making plans to leave for Syria, Mr. Raishani paid off his debts and quit his job as a home health care aide.

It was not made known whether he was working independently or for an agency. It was also not noted during the criminal complaint whether he had relayed any of his desires to join ISIS to clients, or if they had been treated properly under his care and direction.

Mr. Raishani did have legal representation, but at the time of the publication of this article, there had been no word released on his behalf. Currently, Mr. Raishani is being held without bail. There was no word on when a preliminary court date would be held.

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