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Healthcare Startup Seeking Silicon Valley Funding to Boost Business

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Healthcare Startup Seeking Silicon Valley Funding to Boost BusinessSimplyVital Health is a startup company founded in Connecticut that is currently raising venture capital, having turned to Silicon Valley investors for the support. Its founder, Katherine Kuzmeskas was hoping to reach the $1.5 million needed to expand her vision, but it’s unclear if she had yet attained that goal. The last report was that the company raised $915,000 of the funds.

Hospitals are considered financially responsible for their patients for a specified length of time after they are discharged, depending on the reason for admission in the first place. It could be up to 90 days, for example, and if there are complications, it’s related to that initial hospitalization.

Part of the struggle for some of these hospitals and other medical professionals is to temper follow up care costs while also making it easier for doctors and nurses to track progress and determine if there are any complications arising.

Home health care is a key component of not just controlling costs for hospitals and other medical organizations, but also improving the quality and level of care for patients.

According to the Hartford Courant news article, Health Care Startup CEO Visits Silicon Valley to Expand Business, written by Stephen Singer:

“Home health care visits could cost $100 a day, a fraction of the cost of a skilled nursing facility,[“] [Christopher Garcia, chief financial officer of Remedy Partners] said.

“There are big implications for little decisions that no one has thought of before,” he said.

Kuzmeskas, who was program manager for musculoskeletal care at Yale-New Haven Hospital, said she conducted market research for her business, testing ideas with providers, administrators and others in health care. For example, she said she asked them to identify their “pain points,” or frustrating aspects of their work.

A Bloomfield resident, she has worked since February at Boost VC, a Silicon Valley startup accelerator, which helps young firms advance their business model. To achieve success with her new business, she’s had to make sacrifices: enduring a long-distance relationship with her husband and living on savings.”

There has been strong indication that where technology and direct in home care support meet is where patients will benefit in the future and there are strong indications that improving monitoring of health and vital stats and having the best, most affordable in home care support options available is where improved overall health and recovery are possible. It may be an exciting opportunity for SimplyVital Health as they seek to lay the foundation for improved after-care support for patients and reduced costs for hospitals.

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