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In Home Care Support Leads the Way for Healthcare into the Future

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In Home Care Support Leads the Way for Healthcare into the FutureThe healthcare system in the United States has gone through some major changes through the years. Even though it is renowned by the world as the leader, it continues to have challenges due to a wide range of reasons. Currently, the cost of healthcare in this country continues to skyrocket and it has led many to try and find cost saving solutions, and that has meant an increased focus on in home care support.

When people have struggles at home with their health, mobility, and other issues, in the past there have been few options. They could spend time in a hospital or nursing home or rely on loved ones. As the nuclear family has essentially disintegrated, it becomes more difficult to find support from family.

Home care has been an essential component for this aging population to avoid some of these alternatives that can be far costlier, but now it’s also beginning to pave the way for improved health care at home.

As noted in the blog, In-home care services: The future of our health system, published by Survey Now-Leader:

“A lot of seniors don’t want to leave their homes, but because of decreased mobility or increased care needs, they’re forced out,” [Dana] Huggett said. “Our current system does not have enough long-term care beds for people to go into, so at Live Your Life we help bridge that gap and keep seniors from needing to go into hospital beds, putting further strain on the system.”

With a senior population outnumbering any other age group, the stress on our healthcare system is becoming more apparent. Hospital beds are being turned into Alternative Levels of Care beds, patients are sleeping in hallways and the entire system is backing up because of large wait lists for long-term care facilities.”

Technology is providing an opportunity for doctors and nurses to begin monitoring their patients remotely. This can save a tremendous amount of time and money and allow hospitals to allocate limited resources more efficiently. It also allows those seniors who would prefer to remain at home the opportunity to do so.

As the number one job creator in the U.S., home care support continues to play a more integral role in safety and care at home, but it’s also having a more significant impact on the healthcare system overall. With financial pressures coming in from almost every angle, innovation is what may drive this industry forward for the next generations.

Valerie VanBooven, RN BSN, Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com

Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com at LTC Expert Publications
Valerie is a Registered Nurse, Author, and Co-Owner of LTC Expert Publications. Read More at http://www.LTCSocialMark.com
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