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Home Health Care Providers Make Sure Clients Have the Best Support

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Home Health Care Providers Make Sure Clients Have the Best SupportIt’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the daily rigors of life and fail to acknowledge the unsung heroes who make a difference in the lives of men and women all across the country. Home care providers -from aides to visiting nurses and so many others- help provide seniors and disabled adults a chance to remain at home, even when they are facing serious challenges in life.

In the news media, one of the most pressing stories involves pay rates for caregivers and quality of care. Many of the caregivers in this country do not make a lot of money. They often slip into this career because of a desire to serve others and despite the limitations on income, many of them couldn’t imagine doing any other work as rewarding.

Home health care providers, including nurses, are often focused on a primary objective: to offer their clients the best care and make sure they are safe and comfortable in their home. Sometimes it may feel thankless and these caregivers get better with time, and it is the type of job needed to allow men and women to avoid other options, including nursing home care.

As reported in the Star News, by reporter Judy Royal, in the blog, Home health care nurse Candice Curtin ensures wounds heal properly:

“This is not a job for a brand-new nurse,” she [Candice Curtin] said. “You have to be able to function completely on your own. When you are in a patient’s home, it’s just you and them. If you’re not fully equipped and established, then you’re probably not going to do well in home care. You have to be very sure of yourself and your skills.”

The payoff, however, is “the best and most rewarding job in health care, especially nursing,” Curtin added.

“For me, it’s always been about watching patients get better,” she said. “I just don’t see any other reason why I became a nurse. I want to see them get better and do well and every day, day in and day out. That’s what it’s all about.”

Building strong relationships, strong bonds, while helping patients get stronger and begin delving back into life can be rewarding and while the industry struggles with uncertainty at the federal and state levels, and even though it’s difficult to attract enough people who want to do this work, the rewards can often speak for themselves.

Valerie VanBooven, RN BSN, Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com

Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com at LTC Expert Publications
Valerie is a Registered Nurse, Author, and Co-Owner of LTC Expert Publications. Read More at http://www.LTCSocialMark.com
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