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CT Home Care Services Beginning to Be Cut Due to Budget Stalemate

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CT Home Care Services Beginning to Be Cut Due to Budget StalemateThe state of Connecticut continues to deal with a budget stalemate that, even though it’s been warned could have devastating consequences for the men and women who rely on in home care support services, isn’t showing signs of ending any time soon. That means, despite these repeated warnings, the elderly and disabled who rely on visiting nurses and home care aides will likely begin noticing a change in their services.

Most notably, there will be fewer hours of service provided and, in some cases, certain individuals may have to look elsewhere for the care and support they need. There are an estimated 100 agencies offering in home care support and home health care services and every single one is feeling the pressure from this budget standoff.

Recently, the Governor signed an executive order that provided emergency funds for some services, but it didn’t offer any respite for the home care industry. The Democratic budget proposal that is being held up, though, would be even worse for this industry.

While there are advocates for in home care services who state the cost savings for Connecticut are tremendous when compared to having to rely on nursing home care, it appears as though the legislators grappling with thin tax revenue and state debt are not listening.

Mark Davis, writing for WTNH News 8 out of Hartford, CT, noted in the news article, Home health care agencies starting to curtail services because of budget stalemate:

“More than the savings from heading off emergency room visits, the price of Carol’s home health care is about a third of what it would cost in a nursing home. Carol says the loss of home health care would drastically alter her entire family’s life saying, “I’d be more of a burden on my family and I feel much better having them come in because they’re professionals and they know what they’re talking about whereas my husband is not.”

William Sullivan, the President and C.E.O. of V.N.S. of Connecticut says, “As of tomorrow, unfortunately, we are going to have to begin to withdraw providing services to the state’s program for the elderly.”

There’s no word on whether any relief will be coming as this budget stalemate shows no signs of abating. In the meantime, the men and women who rely on these home care services throughout the state will have to wait and hope for the best, but what they have been receiving until now are now being trimmed back.

Valerie VanBooven, RN BSN, Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com

Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com at LTC Expert Publications
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