Rising to the Top in Home Care Inspires Some to Encourage Others

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Rising to the Top in Home Care Inspires Some to Encourage OthersThere are always going to be successful business owners in every profession and industry. Sometimes, when those business owners find success, they desire for others to follow suit, especially if their success means benefits for clients, such as those who struggle with daily care. 

Such is the case for Michael Spivak, an immigrant whose passion for helping others gave him the motivation to build a successful home health care business and now his desire is to inspire others to do the same.  

What began with a hospice-based service eventually grew into a home health care firm because of the success he enjoyed in the beginning. He had no real background in the health care industry when he started, working for his father’s durable medical equipment company.  

However, he saw a need and not just a need within the industry, but for elderly and disabled people who couldn’t properly and effectively care for themselves. By stepping up and establishing a home health care firm, he was able to provide necessary services to those in need. 

As noted in the press release, Michael Spivak Challenges the Home Care Industry to Step Up, published by Cision PR Newswire: 

“With all of the success of All American Hospice, Michael was able to explore other areas of health care. By doing so, he found that All American could better serve its community by expanding its services into Home Health Care. While working with clients within the Community Based Waiver system, he became connected to people who were in need of care and assistance beyond what was available to them, while keeping as much of their independence as possible. In September 2013, Michael and his group of partners birthed All American Home Care.” 

A big part of his success, as he admits, has been his employees and their ability to learn and grow. That starts with a top-down approach to leadership and he’s now calling on other home care business owners to step up and help empower their employees. 

By mentoring, guiding, and teaching employees -including and especially home care aides who are the first line of defense for elderly and disabled clients- an agency will be in a better position to serve the specific and direct needs of their client base. According to Spivak, this is one of the most effective ways to grow any business. 

While there are certainly challenges within the home care sector as far as growth and serving clients are concerned, so is retaining valued and quality aides. Leading rather than managing could offer some benefit to helping reduce turnover and better support clients. 

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