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Posts by Valerie VanBooven, RN BSN, Editor in Chief of HomeCareDaily.com

The Value in Recognition within the Home Care Sector

It may seem as though there are recognitions, awards, and rewards for just about everything an individual or company can do in our modern society. While some of these honors may seem narrowly focused, they create a positive impression among the general public. Within the home care sector, the more positive stories reach the general public, especially the aging communities, the more it can have a rippling effect, especially as it pertains to perception.

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Small Acts of Kindness Can Boost Public Perception of Home Care Services

As we move through the end of the year holiday season, kicked off with Thanksgiving, it’s a good time to be reminded that small gifts, random acts of kindness, still leave an indelible impression among those who receive them. In Wisconsin recently, a home care company gave out a number of free turkeys to families in need, and as a result their act of kindness was rewarded with recognition in their local news outlets.

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During Natural Disasters, the Elderly Can Get Overlooked, and Home Care Matters

It’s no secret that when disasters strike certain people have a more difficult time overcoming their circumstances. When natural disasters are imminent, the elderly and disabled may require more attention and care and some, especially if they live alone, may not have the physical ability to evacuate or seek other accommodations.

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‘Continuing Care’ Options Expanding for Seniors as Demand Grows

As more people reach retirement age in the United States, there has been growing concern about these seniors getting the care and support they need during their Golden Years. Aging in place has been a term that developed to encapsulate the idea of remaining home for as long as possible, especially as an increased risk of health issues and limited mobility become a reality.

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