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Helpful Advice for Family Caregivers Can Also Apply to Full-Time Professional Home Care Aides 

According to the AARP, there are an estimated 44 million family caregivers looking after disabled loved ones. The majority of these men and women might be taking care of an elderly parent or grandparent. Whatever the case may be, some of them may not fully realize or appreciate the value of part or full-time home care aides. 

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Startups Drive Technology to the Doorstep, Helping People Receive Better Health Care at Home  

Technology has been a major force in growth for numerous industries over the past several decades. In more recent years, technological innovations have been an integral part in expanding the scope of in-home health care services, providing an opportunity for more seniors and disabled adults to remain home, where they tend to be far more comfortable. 

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Mixed Messages May Confuse Families Seeking Home Care Support for Aging Parents 

In a recent article published by the Cincinnati Business Courier, the headline alone might cause some people (seniors and/or family) to believe that in-home care is simply not adequate enough for their aging parent, grandparent, or other loved one. While it may be true that for some people in-home care isn’t enough as a basic service, these types of headlines can often confuse those who are facing the prospect of someone they love getting older and struggling at home. 

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Technology May Be Advancing Home Care Options, Privacy Remains a Real and Serious Concern 

Technology has taken position in the front seat of the home care industry vehicle. When the federal government passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, more commonly referred to as Obamacare, it had to make fiscal room so it initiated a series of Medicaid cuts for reimbursements to the home health care industry. As a result, many technological firms begin developing apps and other devices that could help improve communication, monitoring, and even finding the right services for clients in need. 

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The Sudden Impact Caring for an Aging Family Can Have May Be Similar to Losing Daycare Options for Young Parents 

Unexpected circumstances can cause just about anyone to call their employer and ask for the day off. Parents face this far too often when a child is sick and can’t go to school or the daycare facility is closed suddenly. These unexpected turns of events may seem minor if they only occur once or twice a year, or even less frequently than that, but when a person steps in to be a primary caregiver for an aging parent, for example, they take on a significant job. 

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