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A Past Conviction, a Pattern of Improper Billing Lead Colorado to Have No Intention of Renewing Home Care Agency License 

Very rarely will a state’s Department of Public Health seek to revoke or no longer renew a home care agency’s license, but that’s exactly what’s happening in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has notified Allegiance Home Care that it has no intention of providing a renewal for its operating license. 

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A Majority of Kansans Relying on Home Care Dealing with Three or More Chronic Health Issues 

Home health care may be viewed by the general public as a beneficial option for seniors with limited mobility, but it’s more about dealing with chronic health issues than simply having trouble getting up and moving around. In-home care aides are an invaluable asset for helping aging and disabled men and women get out of bed, bathe, toilet, prepare meals, clean, and even get out to stores and doctors’ appointments, but they are also an asset for those individuals struggling with their health. 

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