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A More Patient-Focused Care Model Is Beginning to Find Traction within Home Care Support 

One of the components of the Hippocratic Oath doctors must take before they begin practicing medicine is to “do no harm.” Unfortunately, due to the nature of modern medicine, insurance, limitations, and much more, some doctors have long felt they violate that component because they’re unable to truly support their patients the way they’d prefer. Now, though, more doctors are beginning to turn to a patient focused care model and that’s including home care support services. 

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A Past Conviction, a Pattern of Improper Billing Lead Colorado to Have No Intention of Renewing Home Care Agency License 

Very rarely will a state’s Department of Public Health seek to revoke or no longer renew a home care agency’s license, but that’s exactly what’s happening in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has notified Allegiance Home Care that it has no intention of providing a renewal for its operating license. 

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