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New York’s Home Health Care 24-Hour Shift Workers Not Being Paid Properly

New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing some rocky roads ahead given that even though he’s been a vocal advocate for women’s work rights and equal pay, he has effectively gone against a court ruling that would have allowed home care workers (the majority of home are women) to be paid for every hour they work during a 24 hour shift.

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The Challenges This Year’s Flu Outbreak Poses for Home Care Workers

The flu outbreak this year is reaching epidemic proportions, and it’s impact many industries. As people stay home from work and school, the drag on the economy is tremendous. It’s also posing serious health issues for infants and the elderly, especially those who are already dealing with a compromised immune system. It is also impact home care and the services these caregivers provide.

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Home Health Care Bill Is First Action Greenlighted in Missouri’s Congress for 2018

As state legislatures gear up for a trying year, bills need to be greenlighted for open discussion on the floor of their respective chambers and the first in Missouri to get through the vetting process has been SB (Senate Bill) 567, which could impact seniors and their ability to rely on some level of in home care support services.

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Claims That Home Care Agencies Deny Services to Medicare Recipients Grows

The federal government has been cracking down on fraud and abuse of the home care system for some time, and that means there are issues causing agencies and other providers some confusion and frustration. One of the issues that has arisen of late is the fact that some agencies are denying services for men and women who rely on Medicare support.

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Could Oregon’s Medicaid Funding Issue Impact Home Health Care?

Oregon boasts one of the lowest rates of uninsured residents of any state in the country, thanks in large part to an aggressive campaign to add more low income families to the Medicaid rolls. Now, though, the cost of insuring so many extra people is catching up and there’s a ballot to be decided soon on just how the state will pay for these services moving forward.

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Families Under Strain Providing Home Care for Loved Ones

According to the AARP, there are an estimated 44 million Americans providing some level of care and support for family members. These might be adult children looking after their aging parents. It might be parents supporting a disabled child. It could include spouses caring for their partners in life following major injuries or medical emergencies. Whoever it is they are caring for, there is a tremendous amount of stress involved in this type of work.

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