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Unsung Heroes Helping Seniors Get Support from Home Health Care, Even When the Snow Piles Up 

This winter has been intense throughout many parts of the country. In the Northwest, snow and rain has been almost unprecedented. In the Northeast, New England and other states have been struggling to deal with more ice and freezing rain than snow events. In the south rain has been pouring down in a relentless torrent. In the Midwest, massive snowfall has ground some regions to a halt. 

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California Gearing Up for Plan on Helping the Elderly ‘Age’ Better 

In California, as in every other state in the Union, people are getting older as a percentage of the demographic. The Baby Boomer generation is now retiring and that’s placing more financial pressure on states to provide adequate care and support. Governor Newsom recently called for a “Master Plan on Aging” during his State of the State address.

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California Facing a Health Care Crisis That Could Also Be Impacted by a Shortage of Home Care Workers 

California, like so many other states throughout the union, is facing a worker crisis within its health care sector. It’s not just health care workers — including nurses, physicians, and physician assistants — but also home care providers that could become problematic if funding falls short. 

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Home Care and Community Services Could Help Lower the Cost of Long-Term Care 

Long-term care costs continue to increase. In some cases, they outpace inflation. Some of these long-term care costs are associated with direct medical attention, such as is received in nursing homes. Nursing homes are one of the most expensive options outside of a hospital setting, yet growing numbers of seniors and disabled adults may do well in a more affordable and comfortable option. 

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