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Could Parking Permits Improve Home Care Options for Urban Patients?

A topic that has been gaining traction for in home health care workers in urban regions lately involves parking. Many cities have incredibly challenging circumstances when it comes to on-street and off-street parking. In fact, in New York City, simply parking for the day could run close to $100 or more. Of course, hourly rates are much lower, but finding parking and then paying for it are two completely different issues.

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According to a Study, Government Level Funding Increases May Be Only Solution to Lower Wage Home Care Jobs

Home care may be the number one job creator in the country at the moment (and is expected to remain that way for at least the next ten years), it’s not producing high wage jobs. Despite efforts by the Department of Labor and other minimum wage increase advocates, the vast majority of in home health care providers are considered low wage workers and the pay often keeps them living in poverty.

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Living Longer Means a Greater Chance for Seniors to Require In-Home Care

While the life expectancy in the United States has inched upward during the past couple of decades, it hasn’t jumped as some may have expected when medical breakthroughs were occurring throughout the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Currently, women can expect to live, on average, 81 years and men 76.3 years. However, those numbers of from birth. When a person reaches 65, they may expect to live another 19 to 21 years and that means support and assistance will be likelier as a result.

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Some Boston-Area Home Care Groups Against Ballot Question Regarding Nurse Staffing

In an effort to boost nursing staff at hospitals, the Massachusetts Nurses Association has devoted a fair amount of time and other resources to legislation regarding nurse staffing ratios, but without much success. Now they are aiming to take the cause to the ballot box, letting the voters decide, and it’s picking up the interest and counter-effort of a few home care groups.

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Home Care Aides in Major Cities Sometimes Deal with Unexpected Challenges, Like Parking Hassles

Home care aides, visiting nurses, and others who offer any type of in-home care support face a number of challenges. Sometimes, it’s not just about the work itself. In major metropolitan regions (and other locations) where parking is a premium, a simple quick stop by at a client’s house to check on him or her could be met with mindless minutes circling the blocks, waiting and hoping for a space to open up.

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